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Coach Kevin



Hi, I’m Coach Kevin. I’ve loved baseball my whole life, and as an adult, I love coaching kids. I help kids discover talents they didn’t know they had, and develop the ones they already have. What excites me most is seeing young players blossom as they gain skills and self-confidence.



Warm-Up Drills For BIG Batting Improvement… When You Have Limited Time!

Batters in a slump? Praying for walks so your batters won’t strike out? No time for extra practices to get your bats working?

Find out how Coach Kevin turned his team around… just with pre-game warm-up drills! In an astonishingly short time, batters were regularly making contact–and hitting with power. A hitless player got his first hit–and he kept on hitting. Some of the worst batters became reliable hitters… and everyone was having fun. Just sign up now for your free report!


When losing is good

Can losing be a good thing for you? Well, I think so.  If you can learn something from your loss and make the necessary corrections, then sometimes losing can be just what your team needs. Going into our league championship this year, my 11/12 yr old team had come off...

Remember What Coaching Kids Is All About

It’s really important for us coaches in all leagues, whether rec or competitive, to remember that coaching kids is about more than getting wins. First and foremost, it’s about developing character, learning life skills, and acquiring a love of the game of baseball....

Catchers: The Unsung Heroes of Baseball

A good catcher is a major key to winning ballgames, yet often, all the glory goes to the pitcher. The catcher is usually overlooked, underrated, and not given his due for the contribution he gives to the team. I can relate to this myself. When I have a pitcher who...

Why Baseball Is Losing Children

I recently came across an article about a trend in some parts of the country for youth baseball to be shrinking, both in Little League and other leagues. No, no, tell me it isn’t true! Apparently, it is true. This is happening for a lot of reasons. In some areas,...
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